The competition for consumers’ attention is fierce, and the bar for attracting and keeping that attention is sky-high.

The digital landscape consumers are navigating is fragmenting at speed, but also becoming richer and more immersive. In this new world, the pressure is on for brands to ensure that wherever they meet their customers, the experiences they create are relevant, personal, memorable, timely, and as valuable for the viewer as they are for the brand itself.

In this new market for shoppers’ attention, pioneering alliances between players from within and outside the retail ecosystem will transform the ways that a brand can interact with its audience, and the quality of those interactions. It’s not enough to have first-party data, or to be able to buy access to it. The organizations that will win will be those who can follow where their customers lead and create journeys that are coherent and captivating across all the digital moments in their lives.

Shoptalk has built a reputation for programming impartially and transparently, bringing the most innovative senior leaders from across stakeholder groups together to connect, share knowledge, and define the future of retail. The new market for media, marketing, advertising and consumer attention has lacked a similar forum, but we’ve heard from our existing community that this is a conversation we need to have, and that they trust us to foster.

That’s why we’re launching The New Market.

The New Market is a brand-new event from the Shoptalk team, taking place within Shoptalk Spring in March 2025 in Las Vegas. True to Shoptalk’s DNA, we’ll be bringing a fresh perspective to the attention industry, convening a community from across the ecosystem: media buyers; technology solutions; retail media networks; agencies; and next-generation publishers, including gaming, immersive worlds and more.

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